Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Hey remember me? I haven't written in a while, life's been happening:) And I'm enjoying! The baby is crawling...he just figured out how to crawl forward a few days ago. He's had backwards crawling down for a few weeks now. His first bottom tooth came in at 7 months too. Time's just flying by...
The yard is looking more and more like spring. The hastas are all in bloom and some flowers are coming up too. We put in an electrical fence in our yard for our giant puppy, (110 lbs. of our German Shepard), Spirit. So we have to keep walking him to all the flags in the yard for a few weeks, until he gets the hang of things..I think he had it after day 1:)
I will be at the Rockford All-Natural this weekend. Karen will be competing in the Open heavy weight and Sue and Justin (my choreography clients) will be competing as well. Sue in the over 40 Masters and Open light weight, and Justin in the Novice light weight. Karen's doing exceptionally well this close to show time. Confident and focused, she is 100% athlete! She's already got her post contest workouts planned, with her sights set on competing again in 2005, so I will have someone to diet with next year..it always helps to have somebody to tough it out with:) We will be leaving my house bright and early Saturday for the competitors meeting and pre-judging. Karen's camping out on our couch to save herself a bit more time in the a.m. It always feels like Christmas morning the day of a contest...adrenaline flowing, excitement, anticipation and dehydration, well maybe all like Christmas except the last one:)
I am dissapointed to say I strained my back on Sunday. I was at work training clients, nothing out of the ordinary and by the end of the day I couldn't even lift the baby up without that twingy grab right in my low back..Yuck! I have never felt anything like it! But it's getting better day by day. A combination of things really, was the doctor's prognosis. Between carrying the baby around everyday and the new dog training (he's a tough dog to hold onto), I think my back finally had it and needed complete recoop time. I forgot how much longer it takes for me to recover from things when I'm nursing. It just takes a lot out of me...but sooo worth it!! Wade is the healthiest, happiest baby boy my husband and I have ever seen:)
I was told a really funny story today about someone that used to workout at a Bally's I used to train at. The girl was talking to my friend Karen and asked how I was. After hearing what I was up to and my bodybuilding endevors she proceeded to say, "ya know jennifer was on all that stuff". Karen and I were laughing our butts off!! Karen was like.."What are you talking about, Jennifer doesn't even take Creatine. She's got great genetics and she works hard. She's never taken drugs! I found it soo funny that someone thought that I was "on". but I guess it means I am doing all the right things the right way and it's paying off. To be all natural and stand on the National stage where most everyone is not is really something, don't ya think? I'm preaty proud!! And even prouder to be able to tell my kids I did it all without compromising my health or myself.
God Bless, have a great week everybody!!