Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Happy Cinco De Mayo! I have lots to pull up a chair:) First of all I want to send a huge congratulations out to my friends Candace and Doug who just became parents Monday night! Aubrey Lynn Tabor was 8 lbs. 14 oz. and was 21 inches long. I just got back from the hospital, where I was able to hold her for a little while. She felt like air compared to my big, strong, 20 lb, 7 month old baby boy:) She's beautiful!! Mom and dad are tired but sooo happy to be parents for the first time, they waited a LONG time to have children!
Now, for the Rockford show update...Karen took 3rd in the open heavy weight, Sue (my posing routine client), won her 40-49 Masters class and won the Masters overall. She also placed 3rd in the open light weight class. Justin didn't place in the top 5 for the Novice mens light weight class, but keep in mind he is just at the tip of the ice berg at 18 years old. He definitely has potential, he just needs more mature muscle, a more refined overall physique and some size on his shoulders and back. I want to see him in 5 years:))
Karen's posing was great and she was a class act on stage but needed to be leaner to be considered in the top placing. She made some great muscular gains in her upper body these past two years but still needs to focus her attention on upper body development. Her heart and will to succeed never dies...she is a true athlete!
I ended up passing out a few business cards to a few competitors who were looking for posing routines in the future. So that may end up to be fun! My friend Kelly and my brother, Jack, came to the show as well and were both a big help with my little guy. Kelly, thanks again for being my "husband" for the day and helping me lug around all my stuff for the baby and Karen:)
You're the BEST!!! Big hugs!!
Sunday, Sue and Justin performed their posing routines at Bench America ( They had their picture in the Daily Herald on Monday and the event is scheduled to air on Fox Sports. It sounds like they had a great time! Ron Keable, a personal trainer I used to work with at Ballys was heading up the bodybuilding portion of the Expo. He did a great job from what I was told. I will definitely be checking it out next year.
I had a great workout yesterday. My strained back is much, much better and I should be 100% in a day or two:) I am finding that with my kid's schedules that my workouts are much more productive when I combine more body parts together. I am working to failure with 1 exercise, 3 sets for 4 body parts 3 days a week. Yesterday I did leg extensions, hamstring curls, Hammer bench and Bicep curls. I am also trying a "stepping stone" training program I have heard other competitors try for specific body parts on my entire body. Elena Seiple has used this one for bicep training and I thought it may help me out across the board with my limited gym time for now until my daughter goes to full-day kindergarten next year. Then I will have a regular routine instead of such a crazy one right now. I will have the time to come in exactly how I want for my 2005 return to the stage:)
This "stepping stone" idea goes like this...start with a lighter weight than you normally would and do independent reps on your right and left side of the body, work your way up in weight and then down again. Example: Leg 8 reps on the right leg and 8 reps on the left leg, then bump the weight up and do 8 on the right and 8 on the left, bump it one more time and do 8 each leg then start yourself back down to where you started, no rest between. Do this 3 different times (sets) and then move to your next body part. I am sore and I got a lot done in a short time. This is going to be my training program for the next few months. I will keep you all posted on how I'm doing. I will soon be able to post pics in my journal so I will share my progress as well.
I have to go get my daughter from school...Have a great week everybody!!