Friday, May 07, 2004

Thank you for all the Mother's Day wishes everyone! You are all sooo thoughtful! Tonight my husband and I started building our deck!! Well, let me rephrase that:) He was building, I was the entertaining apprentice:) For all you out there who know about carpentry... we were plumbing the frame for the deck tonight and then we will put all the hangers and joices in tomorrow ( I know I spelled that wrong...a little secret about me..I can't spell:) My husband can have a deck done in one day. He's so fun to watch and work with! He's the best damn carpenter I have ever seen. He can take a 2 by 10 a hammer, a Sawzaw and some nails and make just about anything, with a smile:) And people wonder why we have such happy kids:)
Today at Alyssa's pre-school they had a Mother's Day program for all of us moms. I had gone to the gym before the program so we made it there just in time for things to begin. I spent a good portion of the program wiping away was precious to hear what she had to say about her! Sometimes it's really crazy to think I am a mother, my husband still thinks I'm a little kid at heart:). Each child also painted a plate with a special note attached. I remembered the plate I had given to my mother when I was a little girl, and how oddly familiar today's experience was:) A moment from the other side of things.. that made the time that much better! I can't tell you how beautiful her little face was, lit up and smiling as she sang her little heart out to make her mommy proud..God, children are little angles on earth..God Bless them all!!
I am sore and feeling great with my new "stepping stone" training I explained a few days ago. I needed something fresh and challenging and I think this is doing the trick..for now..ha-ha! Always have to keep it fresh, that's how you become the best you can be...never let yourself get into a mindless routine.
Have a fantastic weekend everybody!
Jennifer Lynn