Monday, June 14, 2004

I have an incredible story to share with you. A client of mine found an article in the Chicago Tribune a few weeks back and brought it to me. The article was about a woman by the name of Kristie Marano, an Olympic wrestler, and the story of how her daughter was born...this is unbelievable!
"When she wrestled in Chicago at the age of 19, she was nine months pregnant...and hadn't told anyone. She won. Then she went home to New York, delivered her own baby, and wrestled 10 days later...and won!"
"At first whatever nausea she experienced, she ascribed to illness. Whatever weight gain occurred was so slight, it didn't show. Kristie still qualified for her 138 weight class! After her win in Chicago for the National University games, she flew home to New York. She went to sleep and was awakened by a pain. Then her water broke. Too ashamed to wake her parents, Kristie proceeded to deliver her own baby in the bathtub! She found scissors and cut the umbilical cord. Then, unbelievably, she drove to a nearby Kmart and bought diapers, leaving the baby at home. The baby girl, 6 pounds 8 ounces at birth, is named Kayla and is now in kindergarten. Kristie later married the baby's father and took his surname, Marano. Ten days after giving birth, Kristie wrestled in a national competition in Orlando, winning another gold medal. Frontier women had nothing on her!!!"
Takes the breath right out of ya doesn't it? Especially if you've had children. Wow! What a story! And to think most of us, myself included, have epidurals and a warm bed to rest in for two days after having a new baby. Not the mention not looking pregnant at 9 months! I can't hide a pregnancy past the first 8 weeks:)
My hat goes off to you Kristie Morano!