Thursday, June 24, 2004

My workout yesterday was cut short, the baby needed me and they called me down to the nursery...oh well, such is life as a mom;) This is what I did get done though...
Chest & Back
4 Sets Hammer Strength Lat Pull Downs
4 Sets Underhanded Pull Downs(chest parallel to the ceiling)
4 Sets Hammer Bench Press (Horizontal)
3 Sets Cable Flys (chest horizontal to the ceiling on exercise ball- palms open)
1 Set of Standing Wide Grip Lat. Press Downs
20 minutes on the Rotating stair climber and later that evening a 30 minute run with a client (Great Job Terese!)

I saw the proofs from the photo shoot i did with Gene for last weekend. They turned out GREAT! I will get them posted to the site when I recieve my disk. It feels good to see the results of the past 8 months work after the baby.

I leave for Vegas tomorrow:) Three mornings and two nights to have a break from being mommy, I'm looking forward to the time away! Once again my incredible husband will be taking care of the kids. He's great with them, I have no worries:)I am also looking forward to spending time with my sister. Since I had the kids we very rarely ever get together alone. It will be fun!

I'm off to the gym now and to take the kids swimming and to the library for new books. Then it's back home to make dinner and finish packing before my two clients this evening.
Have a great weekend! Wish me good luck on the slot machine;)