Friday, June 18, 2004

Our daughter's dance recital was last night and she was great! She finally got comfortable on stage after her ballet number and was her spunky self for her tap number. She looked just beautiful...It is unbelievable to think she is so grown up already. Daddy wanted her stage makeup off...she looked too grown up:) I will be leaving in just a bit for my photo shoots and to watch the women's pre-judging. Karen is a trooper to come and hang out with me for the shoots. She's the BEST:) My husband is taking care of the kids all day and evening so I can go...Thank you are the ultimate team player;)
I ran into an old client of mine a few nights ago at work. She is a police officer and is anxious to start kickboxing again. I only trained her when I was pregnant so it was the first time she had seen me without child. I enjoyed training her, it was always enjoyable and the kickboxing drills I did with her while I was pregnant will remain something to smile about forever. She could never believe I could do them as prego as I was;)
That's bodybuilding and dance training for yah!
Well, have a great day and I will let you all know my thoughts on prejudging when I return.