Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Well, just a few more days until the Jr. Nationals in Chicago (Rosement to be exact). I am anxious to see the new women's light heavy division...I anticipate it to be the most competitive class. There has been a lot of "Buzz" about Amanda Dunbar doing well. I have two photo shoots scheduled with Gene X for and Mike of
It feels good to be in the swing of things again:)
It's a busy week here with our daughter's dance recital, swim lessons and gymnastics classes..boy the baby is soooo good! He just goes with the flow.
We hope Grandma (my mother-in-law),is feeling better real soon! She came down with pneumonia and was in the hospital:(
I have to get some sleep to let my legs recover from leg day yesterday, so I will leave you with a quote, night-nite!


"Though we can't always see it at the time, if we look upon events with some perspective, we see things always happen for our best interests.
We are always being guided in a way better than we know ourselves."

~ Swami Satchidananda