Friday, August 06, 2004

I have an extraordinary story of generosity and love to share with you all today...
Some people give to receive in return, and others give for the shear Joy of Giving! I share with you today the love and kindness of a mother, grandmother and beautiful woman...Her name is Paula and she is my mother-in-law.
My children and I spent the afternoon with her, out to lunch and shopping. She not only took us out for lunch but also bought all new school clothes for Alyssa who is starting kindergarten. New shoes, socks, pj's and a toy for the baby too. now when I say new clothes for Alyssa I mean NEW CLOTHES...a new backpack, 5 outfits, a fall coat, socks, gym shoes, hair ribbons, a nightgown and slippers!! I have never in my life encountered a more selfLESS and giving person! What is even more incredible is there are 3 other grandchildren she and my father-in-law buy school clothes for as well..EVERY YEAR!
Today is one small example of the generosity and love my husband's parents have shown to us over the years. I would just like you both to know how much today ment to me and how much of a help all this was!
How blessed I am to have married into such a wonderful family who exemplifies LOVE.
I hope you all have the opportunity to know someone as extraordinary as these two people!